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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Fabideas Coop (Cooperative) started in 2019 as a worker’s coop in the mountain town of Aibonito, Puerto Rico. We dedicate to manufacturing and distributing Montessori educational wood products and children furniture. 

Six years ago, the parents from one of the school communities came up with the idea of creating Montessori materials in response to the challenges of supplying their children’s school. This venture was founded with the mission of fetching the needed materials and as a means to provide the community a sustainable future. We share the core values of Montessori philosophy and the cooperative economic movement.  


We care about economic sustainability and the way humans can make sensible use of natural and renewable resources to build the new green economy. For that reason, we share our know how in product design with our artisans guild and empower them to develop human-centered and ecofriendly ideas and solutions for their community problems. As more people become skilled, the more synergy can be created for new   projects and micro businesses. Hardwood trees and functional plants like cotton and turmeric, that produce pigments, textiles and lumber will be grown to teach people about the importance of responsible harvesting of natural resources in the economic cycle. We are establishing the first microgrid that uses blockchain technologies, to democratize the use of energy without the need for financial or governmental intermediaries. Children of the Montessori school next door will take part on the different components of the project as they grow as learners, helpers and shareholders. 


The factory was created thanks to the help of Instituto Nueva Escuela, a nonprofit organization that supports Montessori education in the public-school system, thanks to a grant from the UPS Foundation and community volunteers. The Digital Currency Initiative from the MIT Lab and Tsai CITY at Yale lead the solar initiative.

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